“Traditional oral care doesn’t have brand love, and in my opinion, it’s very pharmaceutical.

-Shaun Neff, Beach House Group Co-Founder


The Redesign

My Role   

Categorical Research 

Product Redesign

Presentation Design


Reshape the oral health experience from brushing teeth to naturally beautifying smiles. 

Scaling up the Zero callout to the top of the package prioritizes the benefit over the branding.

Colgate Redesign.png

The peppermint leaves on the original design were moved closer to Colgate's logo to reduce the brand mark's medicinal feel.

 Lastly, we aimed to capture the sleekness of cosmetic packaging by adding mint green gradients at the product's base and top. 

Brand and Categorical Audit 




56% of consumers globally are interested in & actively buying beauty and grooming products with natural claims


This segment experinced record-breaking growth from 2013-18. By 2025, segment is estimated to be valued at 25.1 million


Toiletry products with sustainability claims achieved greater dollar growth compared to the total category (13% vs 1%)

The oral health category has a very medicinal feel. Traditional products in the category do not feel friendly or approachable.

Key Takeaway

Natural and sustainable products are becoming

the expectation in the oral health category.  


Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 9.56.17 AM.png


Less wasted product

No contamination

Longer shelf life

Fresher product 


Meet the Team

Angel Song-Creative Brand Manager

Ellie Proctor-Creative Brand Manager

Leon Brewington

Brand Manager