Mindcotine is a California-based tech start-up that blends cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and virtual reality to promote smoking cessation for everyday people. The brand has achieved business success by partnering with corporate businesses to include their software-based approach as a part of the benefits package offered to their partner's employees. 

My Responsibilities 

Team Briefing 

Client Liaising 

Presentation Narrative

Brand Auditing 


Develop branding systems that provide a clear understanding of Mindcotine's product offering and position them for an eventual rebrand. 


Mindcotine's brand messaging speaks exclusively to the smoking cessation benefit it offers for its corporate partners.


Traditionally, workplace benefits have been viewed as a necessary headache- employees value access to them but typically overlook their details due to the jargon filled explanations.


My team and I wanted to target millennial employees, as they are the majority of the workforce. Without their clear understanding of Mindcotine's service, it runs the risk of becoming another overlooked benefit 

Comms Strategy

Build consumer demand from the ground up.


Educate and convince employees (on the ground)


Who will put pressure on employers at the top

Unlike previous generations, millenials are more likely to vocalize their benefit preferences. They also expect their benefits to be clear and straightforward. Speaking to them as the core users of the product will spark the interest needed to make Mindcotine a benefit staple. 


Meet the Team

Gaby Olivera-Experience Designer

Marnie Abraham-Strategist

Kara Kumer-Art Director

Will Curtis-Copywriter

Chris Cole-Art Director

Kate Power-Copywriter

Leon Brewington

Brand Manager