Late one night, I decided to take a sip of a clear liquid bottle resting near the foot of my bed.  What I thought to be a water bottle, was actually a bottle of rubbing alcohol. The result was not pretty; my story almost ended before it truly started. Thankfully, I'm still here to tell it and also to tell you this: that experience sparked my self-defining trait: 

At age 3, my curiosity almost cost me. 

fearless curiosity.

Why be curious if you don't plan to act on it? 

That same spirit has inspired most of my life experiences (granted a bit more rational than my first time around.) 

It's the reason why I chose to pursue a career in account or brand management. Exercising this spirit to help brands identify business problems, craft solution-based plans, and develop creative processes to connect with people excites me. However, my professional journey is just one page of my story; feel free to thumb through the other pages below. 

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