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Develop a new micro-hotel concept to cater to a new class of travelers who look for functional, considered accommodations with premium property amenities to cater to their lifestyles

My Responsibilities 

Experience Concepting 

UX/Website Design 

Category Research 

Consumer Research 

Competitor Analysis

Launch Plan Ideation




Ryo alleviates the stress of traveling, by offering an immersive traditional Japanese-inspired spa and lodging experience at a fair price.

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Inspiration & Location 

Our Microhotel concept was inspired by the traditional Japanese Inn, better known as a Ryo-Kan (旅館). These spaces were known for being inclusive lodges open to travelers of all economic classes. 

In order to keep our experience appropriation-free, we decided to choose a location that was authentically rooted in Japanese culture. Ultimately, we decided to launch Ryo in Portland, due to its strong presence as a millennial travel hub and its deep-running Japanese Connection. 

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Ryo App

The Ryo mobile app focuses on creating a seamless guest onboarding process. Immediately, guests are prompted to select their destination, time of stay, and accommodation package. After selecting their choices, a QR code populates for them to use at the contactless hotel check-in kiosk. 

Finally, the app remedies a common travel pain point by suggesting local attractions for guests to experience when they arrive. 

UX Development-RYO Website

As the primary touchpoint for the digital experience, we designed the website with seamless user navigation in mind. The buttons pinned on the top left of the frame allow for a quick return to the landing page and while keeping the booking option top of mind for the user.

The origin page communicates the brand story visually through a path-like sequencing to give the reader the feel of journeying towards the hotel. The user is then guided to the perks and amenities pages to highlight the different benefits of the Ryo staying experience. 


Post-COVID conditions have restricted nonessential business and international travel.

Our Target

Budget-conscious Millennial travelers who prefer the experience of lifestyle hotels over traditional ones.



Post-pandemic, 55% of Millennials will be traveling

to relax and escape ordinary life.

 Key Finding 1


86% of Millennials ranked experiencing a new culture as their top traveling priority.

 Key Finding 2


Millennials view travel as key to unlocking authentic cultural experiences. 


Recreate the feel of relaxing global travel by

infusing international culture into the amenities of a domestic stay.

Leon Brewington

Brand Manager